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This season of "The Games People Play" has it all--twists & turns, competition, misdirection, strategies, hidden agendas, truth & lies, discovery, secrets, amusements, negotiation, plots & schemes, risk, making choices, and losing & winning. Let the games begin!
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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Incident at Vichy
The Drawer Boy
The Realization of Emily Linder
The Seedbed
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?logo
by Edward Albee

Directed by Jason Gerace
Sep 12 to Oct 31, 2015 (Previews Sept 9, 10, 11)
Opening Matinee 
Sat, Sept 12, 3pm.

The lovebirds of marital discord, George and Martha, host a young couple for an after-party nightcap and a game of "Get the Guests" during the wee hours in their twisted funhouse.

Featuring Redtwist company members Brian Parry, Jacqueline Grandt, Elizabeth Argus, and guest artist Stephen Cefalu Jr.

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Incident at Vichylogo
by Arthur Miller

Directed by Ian Frank
Nov 21 to Jan 10, 2016 (Previews Nov 18, 19, 20)
Opening Matinee 
Sat, Nov 21, 3pm
NO SHOW on Nov 26, Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 31, Jan 1

Master dramatist, Arthur Miller, conducts a highly-charged debate among the detained locals in small-town France during the German occupation. While exploring the concepts of free will, integrity, and courage, Miller probes precisely what human beings will do when forced to make split-second decisions that will change many lives forever.

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The Drawer Boy by Michael Healeylogo
Directed by Scott Weinstein
Jan 30 to Feb 28, 2016
(Previews Jan 27, 28, 29)

Opening Matinee 
Sat, Jan 30, 3pm

A young actor from a Toronto theatre troupe, wishing to write a play about running a farm, visits the rural Canadian home of two middle-age farmers tending to their duties. As the actor develops his play, the two men share their stories, which lead to unexpected twists and turns…and ultimately the raw truth of tragic missed opportunities.

Featuring Jeff Award-winners and company members Brian Parry and Aaron Kirby along with our newest company member, Adam Bitterman.

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The Realization of Emily Linder  logo
by Richard Strand
Directed by Hans Fleischmann
Apr 9 to May 8, 2016 (Previews Apr 6, 7, 8)
Opening Matinee
 Sat, Apr 9, 3pm

Chicago Premiere. This quirky, comedic drama revolves around Emily, a 70-ish widow, who says she’s had a premonition about her own death. She gathers her two very different, grown daughters to prepare all the details. A caregiver, with an objective viewpoint, joins this dysfunctional family and focuses on getting to the bottom of Emily's peculiar vision.

Featuring Redtwist company members Kathy Ruhl, Debra Rodkin, & KCKaren Hill

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The Seedbed  by Bryan Delaneylogo
Directed by Steve Scott
Jun 18 to Jul 17, 2016
Opening Matinee 
Sat, Jun 18, 3pm

Chicago Premiere. A budding young woman of 18, Maggie feels compelled to leave Ireland in order to avoid a family upheaval. Upon returning from Amsterdam, Maggie brings her new fiance, Mick, thinking she is safely buffered by her imminent marriage to a very nice man. But something is growing beneath the surface. What is the truth and how will it emerge?

Featuring Redtwist company members Jacqueline Grandt, Abby Dillion, & Adam Bitterman, and guest artist, Mark Pracht
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