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Broken Glass
Purple Heart
A Body of Water
The Beautiful Dark
Broken Glass  by Arthur Millerlogo
Directed by Michael Colucci and Jan Ellen Graves
Oct 14 thru Nov 18, 2012

Featuring Redtwist company members, Jacqueline Grandt and Michael Colucci
An identity crisis, a baffling illness, and ominous world events, haunt an emotionally wrought Brooklyn couple at their own personal crossroads. The good doctor who tries to solve the mystery complicates matters even further. This riveting 1995 Olivier Award-winner for Best Play is a buried treasure by the legendary American playwright, and ranks as Miller's last great drama.

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Purple Heart  by Bruce Norrislogo
Directed by Jimmy McDermott
Dec 22, 2012 thru Jan 27, 2013

Featuring Redtwist company member, KC Karen Hill
Carla has issues: a recently killed-in-battle husband, a terror for a son, a nattering mother-in-law, a mysterious suitor, weird medical problems, and an affection for vodka. Purple Heart is a sick, twisted, wickedly funny drama about love and hate that defies description and expectation, written by Bruce Norris, recent Pulitzer Prize-winner for Clybourne Park.

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A Body of Water  by Lee Blessinglogo
Directed by Mary Reynard
Mar 2 thru Apr 7, 2013

Featuring Redtwist company members, Brian Parry and Jan Ellen Graves
Following a traumatic event, a middle-age couple don't know who they are, where they are, or the why of anything. A young woman uses extreme measures to reach them. Funny and charming, this is a lyrical, intriguing drama that examines the wisdom of embracing a pure moment of joy…when nothing else is certain. It will be riveting to see the couple collaborate to find answers, and a genuine thriller as each step of their mysterious relationship unfolds. (Chicago premiere)

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Reverb  by Leslye Headlandlogo
Directed by Jonathan Berry
May 18 thru June 30, 2013

Featuring Redtwist company member, Peter Oyloe
A rising young musician and his girlfriend/muse try to clear the decks of their own dysfunctional pasts, but the reverberations keep these soulmates locked in a vicious maze of loving tenderness and mortal combat. Reverb is a darkly comic, brutal dissection of the deadly force of wrath in playwright Leslye Headland's cycle of the Seven Deadly Sins, featuring one of the best young directors in town. (Chicago premiere)

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The Beautiful Dark by Erik Gernandlogo
Directed by Josh Altman
July 27 thru Sept 8, 2013

Featuring Redtwist company members Jacqueline Grandt and Tommy Lee Johnston
Failing out of college, Jacob returns home to the solace of his room, and turns inside to the "beautiful dark" of his soul. He's angry, moody, and depressed, while his mother bargains, coerces, and pleads. His past suicide attempt has Nancy on edge and she finally convinces Jacob to enroll in community college. From this deceitful calm, she makes a startling discovery and is forced to confront her darkest suspicions. Is her son capable of the unthinkable? And can she stop him before it’s too late? (World Premiere)

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