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The 10-11 Season is about FEAR--not just the creepy scary stuff that makes your heart race--but the real thing: that nagging insidious feeling that keeps you from pursuing an idea, making a move, or saying a word. FEAR. How we try to understand it, cope with it, and overcome it. It is arguably the greatest driving force in the history of mankind, from big countries to small towns, from mega-corporations to the corner store, from entire civilizations to the single soul. It is the guide to the conscience, the motivator to excel, and the engine to survive. Come back to Redtwist, and immerse yourself in FEAR. You'll be so relieved!!

The Jeff Awards Winners are...
Man from Nebraska Best Production, Man from Nebraska Principal Actor-Chuck Spencer
Shining City Supporting Actor-Brian Parry

Other Nominations...
Lobby Hero: Best Production, Director-Keira Fromm, Principal Actor-Andrew Jessop
A Delicate Balance: Best Production
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A Delicate Balance
Lobby Hero

Shining City
Man From Nebraska
That Face
A Delicate Balancelogo
by Edward Albee
Sep. 25 thru Oct. 30, 2010
Directed by Steve Scott
(Artistic Associate, Goodman Theatre)

THE FEAR: Have you ever been so afraid that you just wanted someone else to take care of you?

THE PLAY: The Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about an upper middle-class family whose world is shaken and stirred when their best friends come to stay—not visit, stay—because of the unspoken terror within.

THE CAST: Company members Brian Parry (Tobias), Jan Ellen Graves (Edna), Jacqueline Grandt (Julia), and guest artists, Millicent Hurley (Agnes), Chuck Spencer (Harry), and Cece Klinger (Claire)

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logoLobby Hero  by Kenneth Lonergan
Dec. 2, 2010 thru Jan. 16, 2011
(all shows at 7:30)
Directed by Keira Fromm
(Casting Associate, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre)

FEAR: Ever had the feeling that you had no options, no prospects, no future? That's how Jeff feels.

PLAY: A clever and witty drama about right and wrong and the blurry line that separates the two. Lobby Hero is the hopeful tale of Jeff, a bright and charming young man with big dreams who works as a security guard in the lobby of a Manhattan high-rise. Feeling firmly stuck, Jeff is suddenly thrust into the middle of a front-page murder case.

CAST: Company members Andrew Jessop (Jeff), Eric Hoffmann (Bill), and Maura Kidwell
(Dawn), Amy Crater (Dawn after Jan 2) and guest artist, Michael Pogue (William).

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Shining City by Conor McPhersonlogo
Jan. 29 thru Mar. 6, 2011
Directed by Joanie Schultz

FEAR: Have you ever done anything terrible you regret that could not be undone? And are you afraid of the consequences?

PLAY: Just as a middle-age man is collapsing under the weight of his lifeless marriage and rising rage toward his tender wife, she is killed in a horrific crash. He is wracked with guilt and…haunted by her memory. A terrifying tale from downtown Dublin with a double dose of compassion for the walking wounded.

CAST: Redtwist company member, Brian Parry, takes the role of John, with guest artists, John Arthur Lewis as Ian, Cheryl Lynn Golemo as Neasa, and Kaelan Strouse as Laurence.

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Man from Nebraska  by Tracy Lettslogo
Mar. 26 thru May 8, 2011
Directed by Andrew Jessop, (Associate Artistic Director, Redtwist Theatre)

FEAR: Have you ever lost faith in anything dear to you…your family, career, spouse, leaders, God? A man from Nebraska has some issues.

PLAY: What happens when the soul unravels and a man heads for the hills? Whether from a crisis of faith or a mid-life crisis, rock solid Midwesterner, Ken Carpenter, leaves his loving wife and good job to find some answers in the bohemian underbelly of modern-day London. The results of his quest are surprising indeed and life will never be the same again.

CAST: Company member Jan Ellen Graves, with guest artists, Marssie Mencotti, Julie Dahlinger, Michael Sherwin, Jane Delaubenfels, Adrian Snow, Sam Perry, Andrew Pond, and Chuck Spencer in the title role.

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BUG  by Tracy Lettslogo
May 27 thru Aug. 7, 2011
Directed by Kimberly Senior (Director of our 2009-10 hit show The Pillowman)

FEAR: Have you ever been so stressed that reality itself becomes a fantasy world full of big bad things?

PLAY: A gritty and darkly funny tale of love, alienation, fear, paranoia, and government conspiracy. The psychotic fervor with which the protagonist, a possibly AWOL Gulf War veteran, rants about his issues, insidiously infects the mental stability of his new love interest, Agnes, a lonely alienated woman living on the edge. Dark secrets emerge from the walls of a seedy motel room as two lonely souls take aggressive solace against the ever-encroaching outside world.

CAST: Company members Jacqueline Grandt, Tommy Lee Johnston, Michael Colucci, and Andrew Jessop in the lead role of the troubled veteran, Peter Evans

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  by Polly Stenham
July 2 thru Aug 14, 2011
Directed by Michael Colucci, Artistic Director, Redtwist Theatre

FEAR: Were you ever unfairly thrust into a position of responsibility, and had absolutely no idea what to do?

PLAY: The Chicago premiere of Polly Stenham's explosive first play which premiered at London's Royal Court in 2007 to dazzling reviews. That Face is a savage dissection of an affluent family in freefall, featuring a tangled mother-son relationship filled with helpless enabling, sick manipulation, and wicked desperation. A blistering, merciless drama with twisted humor in which the parents become children, and the kids are left to steer a sinking ship. All of 19 when she wrote the play, Polly Stenham was cited by The Daily Express as a modern successor to Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee. The Daily Telegraph said That Face is one of the most astonishing debuts in more than 30 years. Buckle up, That Face is coming to the Midwest. And you can reach out and feel it at the "Best storefront in Chicago" (CBSChicago.com)

CAST: Featuring company member Jacqueline Grandt.

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